Photo Restoration

Have you got a sentimental one off image of your loved one which is tattered and torn?

Whether you are wanting to be on the pulse with contemporary fashion or showcase that treasured vintage image that has been tucked away in the drawer, our experts in this field at Brick Lane Studios pride themselves on being able to restore the most tattered photograph back to its original state.

You then choose how you want the image produced. Whether just a copy or printed onto one of our many products.

Don’t worry we hand back your treasured image safe and sound in the same state.


Restoration work will be assessed and judged to see which category the image falls in. We can also present your product with multiple images on.

Free – This is a state where maybe the focus/discolouring/tearing is slight and easy to rectify on the computer. At first thought you may think it will be a tricky job but we will be honest and not charge you for something is easily remedied. Sometimes it is down to what you know.

£8.00 – A picture that is going to take time out to restore and mend due to taring, folds and bleaching.

£15.00 – A senario which is more time consuming due to a worse state mentioned in the £8.00 costing.

£30.00 – True restoration work for an image which is to be produced at large scale and has a lot of nasty aging problems with it, which is magnified when the image is enlarged. Or when you feel your image is sadly only fit for the bin or hidden away wrapped up in an evelope. ….Wait!!!! Let us have a look at it and we will work our magic!